It is argued that these small compartments were built above the ceiling of the burial chamber to relieve the stress of weight that could crack the chamber's ceiling. Some 38 blocks or more, each weighing about 50 to 80 tonnes were placed on top of the ceiling. Above these four granite chambers is a limestone gable, which it is said, was designed to distribute the weight to the north and south walls of the burial chamber. Modern architects and engineers disagree that these chambers function to relieve or distribute the weight of the pyramid pushing down on the chamber below. Why have so many chambers when a single gable could be built above the flat ceiling of the King's chamber to distribute the weight from above to the walls? One might even ask why the Queen's chamber, being situated lower in the pyramid's structure and made of a softer and therefore less structurally sound stone, would not need similar protection.


  • Superior compression strength.
  • Light weight
  • Environment -friendly
  • Durability
  • Fine finishing
  • Easy to move one place to another
  • Feasible rates